Learn to fly – Handstand and Inversion Workshop

Date : 17th September 2022


Come and experience the wonder of inversions! Feel the liberation of taking life into your own hands upside down and you develop trust and confidence in your body and yourself.

Inversions bring a host of amazing benefits to the body both physically and mentally and during this course learn to find alignment and balance in your inversions as well as the skills and drills to make it happen.

Awaken the key principles required to develop the perfect handstand shape with the supportive guidance of our experienced teachers, leading to balance, flight and empowerment.

The workshop includes:

  • Drills to help build your strength and refine your technique
  • Props and how to use them so you can practice at home safely
  • A sense of simplicity to your inversions and handstands
  • A chance to work with and meet like minded yogi’s wanting to develop to the next stage

*This workshop is NOT an advanced handstand workshop. It is based on learning handstand fundamentals. Suitable for beginner to intermediate practitioners.

Whether you are beginner or more experienced, this workshop will build confidence in your inversion practice. We’ll be working with partners and groups to support each others learning so this is the perfect workshop to bring your partner or a friend.

The course is designed to assist you to fast track your progress by providing you the tools you need as we work on flexibility, strength, endurance, alignment and balance.

Numbers are limited.

For more information, please visit here